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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Interoperation of authentication technologies

1 August 2000
Malcolm Maherry, Business Development Consultant in SACA's Professional Services Organisation

Sheltering a company's network against outside intrusion and attacks, and protecting the company from internal abuse and productivity loss are two concerns facing organisations today. Many companies spend a large percentage of their time and skill in managing and ensuring their network is effective and safe from intrusion. Computer Associates' new eTrust Intrusion Detection software, helps to reduce this time significantly.
Gareth de Laporte, Computer Associates product manager at DCC says that, "eTrust Intrusion Detection provides an effective and economical way to quickly and easily address these concerns and to avoid the need to change the company's current network structure, introduce any network performance overhead, or require an extensive planning and implementation cycle.
Maeson Maherry, Business Development Consultant in SACA's Professional Services Organisation
Maeson Maherry, Business Development Consultant in SACA's Professional Services Organisation
"eTrust Intrusion Detection advances networking by significantly reducing the skill and time required to manage and ensure a safe and highly effective network. It is fully automated to identify network usage patterns, specific network usage, and identify an overabundance of network-based intrusions, attacks and abuses. It takes much of the mystery out of what is going on in the network in terms of productive usage, security and compliance to company policies," he says.
"eTrust Intrusion Detection is passively connected to the network and simply listens to the traffic, blocking only those accesses marked to be blocked by category," adds de Laporte. "Unlike most network protection products which inject themselves in the network traffic path, eTrust Intrusion Detection is completely transparent, unobtrusive, requires no network or address changes, and introduces no transit delays to the network independent of platforms used on the network."
Different forms of intrusion
The application includes policy folders for Web access, for monitoring, blocking or alarms, for intrusion detection, attack detection, malicious applets and malicious e-mail
"There are several forms of intrusion, such as theft of electronic assets, industrial espionage as well as unauthorised commitments and harassment," comments de Laporte.
Once installed eTrust Intrusion Detection immediately starts scanning for intrusion attempts and suspicious network activity. It begins logging all e-mail, Web browsing, and FTP activity.
Usage abuse of a company's network takes the form of access to inappropriate websites, using the internal network to engage in inappropriate communications with other employees or other users connected to the Internet; and inappropriate network resource consumption.
eTrust Intrusion Detection multi user support provide different users different viewing privileges. It also has the ability to control which statistics are displayed.
Gareth de Laporte, 011 887 8927
Computer Associates product manager
Drive Control Corporation
tel: 011-8878927

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