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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Networks Unlimited announces NetOp Remote Control v6.5

1 August 2001

Networks Unlimited has announced the release of NetOp Remote Control v6.5, the award-winning tool that adds full Windows 2000 support, tight integration with Window's security, and easy software deployment via push technology. The most versatile version of NetOp Remote Control, version 6.5 also supports Windows NT, 98/95, Windows 3.1x, DOS and OS/2. Another new remote connectivity option in NetOp Remote Control v6.5 is support for Infrared (IrDA) communication. Communication over Infrared offers up to 4 MB connection speed between two computers, which is much faster and easier to use than hooking two computers up over parallel or serial cable. In addition, NetOp also includes a powerful scripting tool for automated file transfers and the launching of programs and includes multilingual support for English, French, German and Spanish language.
For details contact Craig Copeland of Networks Unlimited on tel: (021) 531 6000 fax: (021) 531 6050 or e-mail:

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