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Issue Date: June 2001 (es)


1 June 2001

AST safeguards against the misuse of digital certificates
23 April 2001, distributed locally by AST Security Management, provides end-users and organisations using webserver certificates with enhanced protection from the misuse of digital certificates. This is achieved through the use of industry standard policies and innovative technology such as its patented Certificate Revocation List Distribution Point (CRL Distribution Points) technology, a feature that can be activated in more than 75% of all web browsers in use.
A digital certificate provides a means for securing transactions between an e-business and a user who connects to its website. Digital certificates are crucial for enabling transactions across the Internet because they can be used to help verify the authenticity of a website. For website owners, digital certificates provide a means of giving site visitors confidence that they are buying products or downloading electronic media from the organisation identified in the digital certificate.
For details contact Denise Stanton of AST on tel: (012) 674 7650, fax: (012) 663 9388 or e-mail:
AVS announces InstaGate anti-virus
AVS Content Security has announced the Anti-Virus SoftPak for the InstaGate family of Internet security appliances. Anti-Virus provides network-wide installation through a single source - the InstaGate Internet security appliance. This centralised administration means all workstations on a LAN are protected automatically, eliminating the need for individual employees to update new virus definitions manually.
Key features of Anti-Virus include e-mail attachment scanning, virus notification, automatic signature updates and centralised administration. Designed to support 10 to 250 users, InstaGate is backed by AVS technical support.
For details contact Clint Carrick, MD of AVS on tel: (011) 312 0961 or e-mail:
Baltimore Technologies Wins Security Product of the Year Awards
25 April 2001
Baltimore Technologies, a leader in e-security, has been awarded Best e-Business Security and Best Content Security Product by Secure Computing (SC) for its Baltimore SecureVPN Solution and Baltimore PORNsweeper offering. The Secure Computing awards ceremony was held during InfoSecurity Europe in London, and was attended by leading e-security companies from around the world.
The Secure Computing Awards are one of the most important awards in the industry, designed to reward companies within e-security, with specific recognition through a wide variety of award categories.
Baltimore SecureVPN Solution allows enterprises and service providers to assemble robust, efficient VPN infrastructures using PKI (public key infrastructure)-based security. SecureVPN combines the Baltimore UniCERT PKI system, an LDAP directory, and VPN hardware from leading manufacturers including Cisco, Alcatel and Checkpoint, giving businesses a cost-effective sVPN (secure VPN).
For details contact Craig Copeland, Director of Networks Unlimited on tel: (021) 531 6000 or e-mail:
Beat hackers at their own game
Launched as the first definitive anti-hacking course in South Africa, CounterHack has been designed to familiarise approved course participants with network-based attack and penetration techniques that hackers may use against corporate networks.
The course which was first run in October last year in Johannesburg and Cape Town was successful, with reports indicating that every person on the course who went back to their office and utilised the course methodology to test their system, found security weaknesses or vulnerabilities. The next course will take place at the First National Bank Conference Centre in Sandton on 18, 19, 20 and 21 June 2001.
For more information visit or contact Leonora Maclou, or tel: (011) 498 1659.
BoE makes POS device a one-stop shop
26 April 2001
BoE Bank has entered into an agreement with CGS (Cheque Guarantee Services) to provide one point of sale (POS) device for credit card processing and the guaranteeing of cheque payments. Having both services on one POS terminal drastically reduces the cost to the merchant each month because the one device obviates the need to pay two sets of fees or to rent more than one telephone line. The POS terminal, branded BoE Bank, is also linked to Buy Aids, providing an additional benefit for merchants to attract new customers.
For details contact Archie Kot at BoE Bank on tel: (021) 807 2260.
CyberSight now in South Africa
10 May 2001
Holton & Associates has secured the southern African rights to distribute the CyberSight range of software products from Cryptic Software. These products utilise a new method of securing and managing IT resources more effectively than ever before, and form part of an organisation's 'good governance' policy. CyberSight can both detect and remove a wide range of threats, both old and new, and protect corporate networks and PCs from systems abuse and misuse by users.
CyberSight's features include a high-speed, precise scanning process and automated indexing engine and analysis capabilities that enable it to detect a large number of threats.
For details contact Grayford Holton at tel: (011) 789 4585; fax: (011) 781 1462; e-mail:
Engen develops extranet for dealer network
Petroleum company, Engen, is implementing a fully automated stock replenishment system (ASR) built on Microsoft's Windows 2000 platform.
With over 1300 service stations located across South Africa, it is mission critical to cost-effectively distribute sufficient fuel to the outlets before supplies run out.
Developed by Argil Ernst & Young, the central ASR system forms part of Engen's extranet and allows for the most efficient use of resources by determining when petrol deliveries must be made to the various service stations. On a daily basis, station managers are required to enter petrol sales, dips and deliveries into the system via the Internet. The ASR system has already been implemented at thirty service stations in the western Cape as pilot projects, and will be rolled-out to another 400 service stations across the country during the next three months.
For details contact Markus Muller of Microsoft SA on tel: (011) 257 0235 or e-mail:
Technology partnership has implications for e-learning
Enterasys Networks and Vynamic, a provider of security solutions for the e-learning marketplace, have entered into a technology partnership designed to enable the two companies to offer solutions that protect faculty and institutional intellectual property and provide a secure environment for research and academic records.
Martin May, Regional Director of Enterasys Networks SA, says the partnership will have a number of positive implications for the growing number of e-learning institutions in South Africa. "With increasing numbers of higher education institutions and numerous enterprise companies offering on-line courses to students and staff, security has become a major concern in the e-learning market," says May.
To properly authenticate users, Vynamic offers software as well as hardware solutions for high-level security needs. The latter can include biometric thumb print readers or retina scanning devices attached to the PC for highly secure environments or simply users details such as account or social security numbers and passwords.
For details contact Martin May of Enterasys Networks on tel: (011) 646 3323 or e-mail:
eTrust Intrusion Detection
2 May 2001
eTrust Intrusion Detection delivers this kind of network protection by auto-matically detecting patterns in network traffic that indicate potential intrusions, attacks and abuses. eTrust Intrusion Detection is an easy-to-use, software only, network analyser. It 'sniffs' the traffic as it goes by and scans the content, displays, reports, logs and alerts and provides a 'see-it-all' viewer which presents specific communications in an easy-to-understand manner. Additionally, it uses patent-pending 'unobtrusive blocking' to block inappropriate traffic based on rules or in response to a specific alert.
For details contact Drive Control Corporation's Tracey Smith, Computer Associates Product Manager, on tel: (011) 887 8927 or e-mail:
Grintek adds server accelerators to product and solutions portfolio
9 May 2001
Grintek Telecom has been appointed a premier distributor for CacheFlow, a leading supplier of server accelerator technology. CacheFlow server accelerators are purpose-built to deliver web content faster while reducing the overhead placed on back-end systems. CacheFlow's hardware and software solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into a website's infrastructure, handling up to 95% of its content and reducing response times by anything from 50 to 80%.
For details contact Linda Weaver of Grintek Telecom on tel: (012) 672 8000 or e-mail:
New Schlumberger web portal helps cut the support overhead
Schlumberger Test & Transactions, a business segment of Schlumberger Limited has released XpertConnect, a support portal for PC users and IT managers that is accessed through a standard web browser, giving secure, worldwide access to a wealth of productivity tools.
XpertConnect is delivered as part of Schlumberger IT support outsourcing services to maximise the productivity of a company's employees and provide a level of network performance information previously only available with large-scale investment in tools and infrastructure.
For details contact Emmanuelle Saby, Schlumberger Test & Transactions on tel: (0933) 1 47 46 71 04 or e-mail:
Novell delivers the right combination for Enterprise Security
Novell has unveiled the next generation of Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS), advanced Net security software for the enterprise. With NMAS 2.0, organisations can protect access to network resources by implementing authentication solutions based on any combination of biometric, smartcard, token or digital certificate. Novell is helping to eliminate both internal and external security risks through NMAS and other Net services software by allowing customers to define a consistent, company-wide security policy that integrates the identity management of heterogenous operating systems and applications to give users strong authentication with a single sign-on experience.
According to IDC, the advanced authentication market, which includes biometrics, smartcards and tokens, is expected to reach $2,9 bn (about R24 bn) by 2004. Advanced authentication and graded authentication, delivered through NMAS, significantly reduces the risk of information compromise. NMAS is an extensible management framework that simplifies network administration and reduces costs of managing security methods across the enterprise. NMAS runs on both NetWare and Windows platforms, and leverages NDS eDirectory, enabling customers to set granular access policies to certain areas on a network. For instance, companies can combine something you know, such as a password, with something you are, such as a fingerprint, with something you have, such as a token.
For details contact Novell SA's Trish Barwick on tel: (011) 322 8304 or e-mail:
RSA Security simplifies secure B2B application development
RSA Security has announced new versions of its PKI-enabling solutions offering developers support for important B2B protocols such as On-line Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and XML-signing, already required by many institutions in the financial industry.
Designed to simplify and secure B2B and enterprise applications, RSA BSAFE Cert-C 2.0 and RSA BSAFE Cert-J 2.0 security software products provide developers with the certificate-processing capabilities and cryptographic software necessary to securely 'PKI-enable' any business.
The software is designed to help independent software vendors, enterprises and e-business service providers create applications that seamlessly and automatically interoperate with multiple existing PKI products, reducing risk and protecting customers from being locked into one vendor or PKI implementation.
For details contact Peter Burgess, Territory Manager: sub-Saharan Africa RSA Security on tel: (011) 258 8696 or e-mail:
Symantec announces record fourth quarter and fiscal year-end results
25 April 2001
Symantec, a world leader in Internet security technology, has announced the 10th consecutive quarter of record revenues. Strong sales in the enterprise and international markets contributed to net revenue of R250,6m for the fourth fiscal quarter 2001, ended 30 March 2001. Revenue increased 15% over the same quarter a year ago.
Revenue for fiscal year 2001 was R944,2m, an increase of 14% compared to revenue of R826,6m for fiscal year 2000.
Earnings per share before all acquisition related amortisation and one-time charges for the fourth quarter was R0,62, an increase of 13% from earnings per share of R0,55 in the same period a year ago. Earnings per share before all acquisition-related amortisation and one-time charges for the fiscal year 2001 was R2,35, an increase of 25% from the earnings per share of R1,88 for the fiscal year 2000. All figures include historical results of the acquired AXENT Technologies and exclude the results of operations from the company's divestiture of the Visual Café and ACT! product lines.
International revenues represented 45% of total revenue in the March quarter and grew by 27% over the same quarter last year. Overall, the Asia Pacific region grew 50%, Japan grew by 24% and the European, Middle East and Africa market experienced a 24% growth compared to the March quarter a year ago.
Quarterly highlights
Symantec signed a record 17 deals worth more than R300 000 each during the quarter. Symantec products will now protect the Navy/Marine Corps, Reuters, Intel and Bell South as well as international customers, including Polish Bank Przemyslowo-Handlowy (BPH), Russian Railway Company October Railways and Planet Internet, Holland's largest Internet Service Provider.
For details contact Jako Voges of Symantec on tel: (011) 797 6607 or e-mail:
WinVista software now in South Africa
10 May 2001
Holton & Associates has announced that it had secured the southern African rights to distribute the software products of WinVista Corporation that cover the areas of desktop security and management, and which potentially form part of any company's 'good corporate governance' policy.
Until recently, most monitoring, blocking and lockdown programs have been introduced at the peripheral side of the computer network (firewall or servers) with a somewhat restrictive, impractical and inefficient result, whereby users either accept a global setting (where everyone fits into one user group) or no setting at all. WinVista Pro is the only product that has the proactive approach of doing monitoring, blocking and lockdown of applications at the desktop, where absolute flexibility is required. Each user is allocated to one of many user groups wherein that user's requirements are set to suit, and allow he/she to do their daily work efficiently.
For details contact Grayford Holton at tel: (011) 789 4585; fax: (011) 781 1462; e-mail:

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