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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)


1 September 2001

Damn spam
"A year, year-and-a-half ago, spam was an annoyance; now it is a productivity drain. A lot of the spam has become quite distasteful, and it is a drain not just on bandwidth, but on storage."
- Maurene Carson Grey, research director for e-mail and messaging at Gartner. (ZDNet News)
Looking back
"A year ago everybody said we were all nuts. A lot happened in that year."
- HP CTO Shane Robison, commenting on the eventful year following HP's announcement of its $18,7 bn merger with Compaq, which was officially announced on 4 September last year to fierce resistance from shareholders. (Reuters)
Net addiction
"The survey shows there is a huge gap between what employees are doing on the Internet and what employers know."
- Harold Kester, CTO of Websense, commenting on a US survey which found that one in four employees has a serious web habit, spending more than one entire workday each week surfing nonwork-related websites while at their desks. (ZDNet News)
Browser battle
"The browser war is in fact a massacre."
- Geoff Johnston, VP of product marketing for research firm WebSideStory's StatMarket, commenting on the battle between Netscape and Explorer. (Reuters)
Wait and see
"Nothing can be said about GSM at this stage. These are tumours that develop very slowly, and GSM does not have users who have been using it for 10 years."
- Kjell Hansson Mild, professor at the Swedish National Institute for Working Life and co-leader of a study which found that long-term users of some first-generation cellphones face up to 80% greater risk of developing brain tumours, commenting on the as yet unknown health risks associated with GSM. (Reuters)
Foggy outlook
"I do think there is a lot of steam left in the digital revolution."
- Jeffrey Eisenach, president of the Progress & Freedom Foundation, the hi-tech think tank sponsoring the Aspen Summit in Colorado. (Reuters)
Getting rid of evidence
"The best way to get rid of computer data is to take the hard drive and pound it with a hammer and throw it in a furnace."
- John Patzakis, president of US-based Guidance Software, which makes forensic software that helps police find hidden files. (AP)
Cellphone scam
"We do not know if it is connected to gangsters but judging by the content of the messages it is likely being run by companies involved in adult entertainment."
- Yoko Sato, an official at the Tokyo Consumer Lifestyle Centre, commenting on a cellphone scam in which computer-generated mass calls are made to random mobile numbers. The call is cancelled after one ring, tempting many curious users to call back, at which point they get a salacious message and a huge bill. (Reuters)

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